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luni, 24 septembrie 2007

Statusuri Diverse II

Status1. Offline pentru anumite persoane

Status2. ploaia e mai tare ca o bicicleta

Status3. Visible (to 1 contact)

Status4. ~cenzurat~ off! This means YOU!

Status5. Nothing to see here! Please move on, citizen!

Status6. Unavailable anywhere™!

Status7. Visible Invisibility & Available Unavailability!

Status8. Never before have I come accross a person with more trouble than you! Please accept my deepest sympathy! NOW ~cenzurat~ OFF AND ANNOY SOMEBODY ELSE!

Status9. Dupa cum vedeti nu prea am chef de vorba… Very Happy m-am plictisit de “my IM buddies” mei si rar am chef sa vb cu ei… f***ing manele and/or/xor death metal lovers… :fuckoff:

Status 10. New positions open for: punk, ska & college rock listeners Ne ne ne ne ne
Please apply!

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