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duminică, 30 septembrie 2007

Statusuri de Dragoste in Engleza

Status1:You're the tear that falls of my face and brakes in my hand..you're love
Status2:The distance makes us be far away but makes our hearts be closer...I stay alone,I hear my heart beating,all disupears with the sadness in your soul
Status3:A tear I have gived away for you,the tear falled slowly and it changed to a love dream
Status4:Every day withouth you...is like the world without the sun
Status5:If I will tell you I like you,it would be a lie..I love you with all my spirit
Status6:My life is yours...The love I carry for you is more powerfull than anything and you..You are the princess/prince of my dreams
Status7:Love is like the snow..it falls easy,it makes you freeze and then it dissupears
Status8:I love you..I love you...I love you...This withouth any other words
Status9:Love is an element of nature full of imagination
Status10:I con't imagine a night without day..I really can't imagine me withouth you

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